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Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol - PS2 - Preview

E3 2006 First Look Preview 

Karaoke Revolution American Idol re-creates the experience of being a contestant on American Idol. The all-new American Idol mode, playable in both single- and multiplayer. You’ll play the part of an American Idol contestant as you audition. Perform well enough and you’ll earn an invitation to Hollywood that could lead to you taking center stage in front of an Idol audience.  

But will it be big cheers for everyone as it (sometimes) appears to be on the show? Not likely, as players will have to earn support from the audience to move onto the following rounds. Painful bashings, crude brush-offs, and most likely the word “pitchy” will be used in the judging of your performance. Of course, it’s America who votes, not the judges, but unless you can turn your friends into a virtual audience, you shouldn’t expect to get away with a lackluster performance. 

You can expect to look like a star, as this PS2 release will include EyeToy functionality. This will allow you to bring your likeness into the game and become the Idol you’ve always wanted to be. Who knows – next year’s American Idol could very well turn out to be a hardcore gamer (or just a diehard vocalist) who gained valuable experience practicing with this game. 

The full track listing has yet to be announced, but Konami did reveal that KR American Idol will include 40 all-new songs, many of which have been performed on the show. 

Developed by Blitz Games, Karaoke Revolution American Idol will be released this fall for PlayStation 2. Expect the same great gameplay introduced in the previous editions, plus a whole lot of Idol-oriented content. Considering how popular the Karaoke Revolution series is and how powerful American Idol has become, it shouldn’t be too hard for this title to sing its way into gamers’ homes. With 16+ million viewers weekly, Konami won’t have to look for potential players – they’ve already got them.



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