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JUST CAUSE 2 - PC - Preview

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Avalanche Studios and Eidos are giving gamers another chance to base jump and free fall their way into the gigantic world of Just Cause 2. Using the Avalanche 2.0 engine and setting the location in Panau, a south east island in Asia, gamers should find the world of Just Cause 2 to be much more expansive.

Having a premise that Rico Rodriguez is back in the limelight with the agency due to his now corrupt boss in the form of Tom Sheldon, Just Cause 2 is much more about insane stunts, a lot of intense action and pure entertainment than the first iteration ever was.

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Going on the manhunt to find Sheldon, players will be able to base jump from 2,000 feet above sea level and explore over 400 square miles for the rogue agency member. Including several different climate zones, a real-time weather system, and allowing players to free roam without ever interrupting their game session with loading, Just Cause 2 is about as immersive as it gets.

Based on the idea of causing as much chaos as one individual could, Just Cause 2 provides gamers with a new ability and weapons to accomplish difficult tasks. Equipped with a grappling hook and an updated parachute, Rodriguez is as agile and intelligent as ever. Rodriguez can pull his parachute at any time and use it in combination with his grappling hook to slingshot himself to various locations within his perimeter. Connecting with any terrain that you encounter, any building that stands before you, any vehicles that zooms past you, or any person that blocks your way, the grappling hook is easily the most compelling addition in Just Cause 2.

The Avalanche Studios representative was able to show off how to drag enemies behind vehicles, suspend them from lampposts, grab snipers from their perch, and even smashing two enemies together all via the grappling hook. With the ability to quickly get airborne and grapple hook from location to location, enemies will have a hard time keeping an eye on Rodriguez in battle.

JUST CAUSE 2 Screenshot

Including over 60 missions (such as rescuing an informant), a large landscape to journey through, over a 100 vehicles to drive (such as fire trucks, cars, boats, helicopters and much more), and the ability to ride on the top of vehicles to combat enemies, Just Cause 2 is bound to give action fans more than they bargained for.

With beautiful graphics that are clearly an upgrade over the original, Just Cause 2 is set for a 2010 release with no target month as of this moment. It’s set to release on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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