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Jet Li Rise to Honor - PS2 - Preview

E3 2003 - First Look


His triad boss, the one he was sworn to protect, has been assassinated. Now the warrior must travel to San Francisco to find the estranged daughter of the dead boss. Does all this sound like the plot of a Hong Kong action movie? Well, if it does, there is a good reason.


The name of the game is Rise to Honor, a Playstation2 release, slated for an early 2004 release.


The concept for the game started in 2002. Jet Li, the action star, wanted to be involved in a game and the concept behind Rise to Honor was born. Not only did he have input into the story, but motion-capture allows his in-game character to look and move like the action star.


Jet Li’s character is not a one-man wrecking crew. Sometimes you have to avoid the fight through defensive modes of play, and at other times you have to run. In a nice twist on the combat genre, plays can’t take the approach that the first one to hit wins. On the contrary, Jet Li uses defensive skills to avoid taking the hits. The more proficient he is, the better he stands a chance at avoiding the blows.


With strong character animations, including actual facial expressions and that general attitude inherent in a Jet Li character, the game should manage to find a solid niche in the combat console arena. The environments are also interactive.


Rise to Honor promises a skilled combat challenge, but players of lower experience in the genre will also be able to compete rather well in this environment. The game, while interrupted for cutscenes, takes place in a seamless world.


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