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Jak II - PS2 - Preview

E3 2003 - First Look 

Jak speaks!


No longer is the hero of a best-selling Sony PlayStation2 series the silent hero. The innocence is lost and the voice is there.


Sony demonstrated the second in the series during E3 in the Los Angeles Convention Center. With its smooth gameplay and familiar player interface, this incarnation could be as fun as the first. However, be forewarned, this game is also more mature than the first light-hearted adventure.


The game begins with Jak being broken out of prison. Framed for a crime he didn’t commit, the innocent hero has been hardened by the experience. The look is a little darker, the eyes hold the burning flame of vengeance and the attitude is a lot tougher.


After his escape, Jak does want any indignant hero would do – goes after the guys responsible for his predicament.


“The game has a lot more mature tone,” said Blake Hennon, of Bragman Nyman Cafarelli – the public relations firm working the show for Sony.


The look of the game is bright and colorful, and the tale is filled with guns and gadgets, affording players the opportunity to create their own mayhem as Jak begins his quest. The sound is similar to the original tale, as is the general gameplay.


However, this game will sport a Teen rating, according to Hennon.


Is the world ready for a leaner, meaner Jak? Likely. Though the storyline appears linear, with the familiar gameplay and solid graphical elements, fans of the original game should enjoy this adventure. Sony has the game slated for a September release although Hennon said the game might ship in November.

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