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iOS devices get some Turtle Beach love

Turtle Beach iSeries feature image

After I saw Turtle Beach's plans for Xbox One headsets during my time at E3, I was shown their iSeries line. The iSeries, as you've probably guessed just from the 'i' in the name, is Turtle Beach's line of headsets perfect for Apple users and their products -- iMac, iPad and iPhone.

The most basic of the three iSeries headsets I was shown was the i10. While the three headsets share the same features -- sleek design, all white and silver like iOS devices, and a little red Turtle Beach symbol -- the i10 is the simplest of the three. While quality isn't spared, the i10 lacks the features that the other two have, and the reason is to keep costs down and offer different choices for Apple users with different budgets. 

Turtle Beach iSeries i10

And so, the i10 provides a wired option for Apple users. To keep the sleek and stylish design, the i10 uses dual hidden microphones and a special algorithm to pick up voice patterns without the use of a boom or in-line mic. The battery lasts up to 15 hours and is rechargeable while in-use with a USB cable. The best feature of the headset -- a feature that's present in all three of the headsets -- is an Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) button that toggles the headset between blocking out outside noise and letting you hear it. It's an awesome little feature that'll be really useful when trying to block out the sounds of your friends and family while you watch a movie, listen to music or play a game.

If you prefer a wireless option to the wired i10, then Turtle Beach has you covered with the i30 headset. It has the same battery, Active Noise Cancellation, hidden microphones and sound quality as the i10 headset; the only difference is that it uses Bluetooth 4.0 to pair with any Bluetooth-enabled devices -- iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch -- to listen to your media or take phone calls. 

Turtle Beach iSeries i30 wireless headset

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