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Invizimals E3 preview


The idea is to go around the real world, using the new PSP camera - which will be bundled with the game - to hunt down rare creatures that are invisible. There are some loops to jump through to snag the animals, and then once they are captured, they can be used in arena fighting.

Well, it’s not exactly innovative - drawing inspiration from games like Eye of Judgment - but invizimals will probably give the target demographic (kids age 7-12) a lot of entertainment value. The game has live action video incorporated into the game and purports to take players around the world to learn about the various invisible animals (more than 40 in the game, and each can evolve three times and require different capture mechanics).

When it comes to the battles, elemental aspects come into play and players can buy different perk packs like stamina that will be consumed in battles. The single-player story is “full of intrigue and conspiracy” said the developer demo’ing the game.

Releasing the fall, the game will come bundled with the PSP camera, which is a dandy peripheral to the PSP.

It’s got the cute factor played up and could appeal to those outside the demographic target range.

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