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Insecticide - NDS - Preview

PAX 2007 Preview

Insecticide from Gamecock is a unique action game that puts you in the shoes of a detective who happens to be a bug. The game is divided into two different segments, there are the platforming/action elements (which this preview will deal with), and then there are some investigative elements. Not terribly surprising, considering that the game is being developed by Crackpot Games, a developer made up of developers that have worked on games like Grim Fandango and Day of the Tentacle. Also not surprising then is the game’s dark sense of humor, which does a fine job in its seedy, insect-run world where highly evolved bugs have finally inherited the earth from humans.

The demo for Insecticide was pretty short, and only dealt with the game’s action platforming element. Your bug character, a young female detective named Chrys (as in chrysalis, get it??) is investigating a murder which blooms into a conspiracy plot involving her friend and side-kick, Roachy. The game has a distinct film noir feel to it, similar to the aforementioned Grim Fandango.

 The combat in Insecticide is simple enough to grasp. You aim using the stylus and walk and strafe with the D-Pad, just like in Metroid Prime. The A Button is used to jump, or double-jump should you need the added boost. The right shoulder button is your attack button, shooting through the targeting reticule if you’re at a distance or executing a melee attack if you’re up close. The touch screen served as a radar, showing the direction and general distance of your next objective.

Graphically, the game does fairly well on the DS. While there are some pretty bland textures in the demo, the overall feel was pretty good, giving off a cartoonly, yet “noirish” vibe.

The game will be available on several platforms, with the Nintendo DS version launching early 2008, and a PC version later on down the line. Expect to hear more on this game a bit later on.

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