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inFamous 2 E3 Demonstration


Sucker Punch is back with their attempt to make inFamous 2 into a running franchise for Sony. This time around though, they have changed the design of the main character Cole McGrath and have created a title that relies much more than non-stop action than the original. What inFamous 2 boils down to is a bigger and better sequel that doesn’t hold back many punches.

Even though the original inFamous released in 2009, Sucker Punch has claimed that they are halfway through a two-year journey with the sequel. They are said to be aware of the feelings from fans on the character design and have pushed forward with dozens of changes to the series to create the title they have always wanted, even with objections from staff at Sony.

Picking up right after the original did, McGrath is out to learn new super powers in New Marais – a Cajun-like city similar to New Orleans – so he can eventually meet up with The Beast to tear it down to size. The main idea behind inFamous 2 is to further McGrath’s strength and do so with fantastic environmental destruction to showcase the craziness that ensues. Whether he’s grinding along power lines, throwing lightning bolts ala Raiden from Mortal Kombat or leaping from rooftop to rooftop with the best Parkour athletes out there, McGrath is in for one hell of a ride.

Armed with a two-pronged cattle prod that is charged with the same electricity that flows through his body, McGrath is now able to throw gigantic tornadoes – as witnessed in the demonstration when a helicopter received the blunt of an attack – and baseball slide underneath opponents and then spin around their body for a devastating attack. This is all done while ripping the environment apart with countless new powers at his disposal.

Even though the demonstration was ridden with framerate problems, the level of detail and destruction was a sight to behold. As McGrath chased down a new villain named Bertrand (think Senator Robert Kelly from the X-Men franchise), it was clearly evident that monsters and the mutants that plague the city are going to play a central role in the narrative.

After the demonstration was all said and done, thoughts of the new character design crept back up and left a wonder of confusion on how fans will actually react when the title ships to stores in early 2011. If it's anywhere close to what I am feeling, the negative feedback will remain and turn a few faces sour.

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