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IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix - PS2 - Preview

E3 2006 Hand On Preview


When I first heard the title of this game I thought, “Great. Just what we need, another racing game.”  Then I picked up the controller and immediately realized that this wasn’t your standard 4 wheel affair. Immortal Grand Prix is a futuristic racer, where you control a mech that skates along a winding track.


What sets this game apart from any other racing game is the fighting that ensues when you catch up to another mech racer. The two mechs then engage in a battle where the looser is sent crashing down skidding to a halt. Luckily you’re not down for long and are back on your skates looking to catch up for some sweet revenge.


IGPX PS2 screenshots


This PS2 game has average graphics during gameplay, with some decent looking mechs. The menu navigation has a very similar flare is a Ridge Racer game, and that’s a good thing. Namco and Bandai appear to be helping each other out.


The demo that I played only featured one other racer. Gaining a lead or falling too far behind leaves you with the standard futuristic racer. I found myself slowing down just to let the opponent catch up with me to initiate some contact. If their going to rely on the mix of fighting and racing, they’ll want to add more racers allowing for more combat.


IGPX PS2 screenshots


Games that break the mold, or try something new deserve some attention. If the in-game graphics can be pumped up a notch, and more combat added to the game, then we should see a fun racer/combat experience that can’t be found anywhere else.


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