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Ice Nine - PS2 - Preview

E3 2003 - First Look


Ice Nine, from Bam! Entertainment, puts you in the shows of a young CIA agent who gets a phone call from a man who says that he knows what happened to his dead father and will tell him if the young man will run a few missions for him.  The choice is then yours at this point as to whether you will side by this man and find out about your father, or do the right thing and stick with the good guys.  Or are they “the good guys”?  The only way to find out is to allow the story to play through…


The game makes nice use of a rag-doll physics engine, which assures that almost no two enemies will die the same.  The enemies will react to where they’ve been shot, as in if you shoot one in the shoulder, then the impact will through their shoulder back realistically.  The coolest feature, however, is the game’s use of the Sony headset communicator.  While the game is neither multi-player or online, you use put the headset on and you’ll receive orders from your superiors (and the occasional mystery type) as though you were wearing to the headset on the field.  And for those of us without the nifty headset, there is an option to bypass it so that the orders will go through your TV speakers.


Being a game based around stealth, it’s necessary to carry and hide bodies after you kill them, since it is necessary to avoid big firefights.  You have 20 different weapons at your disposal, including a nifty PDA that shoots various different kinds of darts and has a built-in tazer.  The preview build that I played had some graphical issues, namely poor clipping, but this should clear up before the game’s release this fall.

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