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I-Ninja - GC - Preview

E3 2003 - First Look


Don’t be fooled by its cutesy appearance.  I-Ninja, Namco’s new ninja action title developed by Argonaut, features loads of ninja action.  I-Ninja must recover the Rage Stones, which are extremely powerful and corrupting relics.  Throughout his quest, I-Ninja will battle tons of enemies in five very diverse regions, including a final showdown on the moon.  I-Ninja will have his honed ninja abilities and many weapons and items to aid him on his quest, like the ability to run across walls and the use of weapons like shurikens and blowguns, and will even be able to use certain enemies’ weapons against them. 


On top of ninja action, I-Ninja will also feature extreme sports-like gameplay.  I-Ninja will be able to spin his sword around and hover like a helicopter, and will even be able to grind rails without a skateboard.  While I-Ninja features a cute and colorful graphics engine, the gameplay will be extremely fast and intense.  Look for it before Christmas.

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