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I Heart Geeks! - NDS - Preview

I Heart Geeks is a casual puzzle title that has the player going through a variety of quick physics-based puzzles. The game is pretty easy to get the hang of, playing similarly to classic titles like The Incredible Machine. However, the later puzzles in the game get pretty tough and complex, requiring you to think about the objects available to you and use them in some pretty creative ways.

In I Heart Geeks, you play as a brainy nerd looking to score the affections of a cheerleader over the brawny and mean-spirited jocks. In order to do so, you’ll have to solve the game’s 100+ puzzles.

The game is played by having the player solve a certain objective with a set of items. These objectives vary, and include popping a balloon, getting a bowling ball to run off a certain side of the screen, or getting a tennis ball into a goal area on the screen. The game utilizes the DS’s stylus based control system to let you move the items around, while using the A or Y buttons or left or right on the D-Pad will let you rotate the object around to suit your needs. Once you’ve lined up your solution, simply press start in order to set the whole thing in motion. While there is no set time limit for completing these goals, you do have a timer that runs until you solve the puzzle and are competing for the fastest time.

The game has a pretty decent look to it, and while it isn’t the best looking or most technically complex game on the system, still looks pretty clean and suits its purpose well. The game’s art style is also nicely done, due to the developer’s collaboration with Marc Ecko Entertainment.

I Heart Geeks is shaping up to be an easy to play, yet difficult to master puzzler with some fun and addicting gameplay that will get you flexing your brain muscle and embracing your inner geek before you know it. Look for it this fall.

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