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Hour of Victory - 360 - Preview

WWII has gotten more play in video games than any other major conflict in the world. Perhaps it’s the appealing draw of the greatest generation, or perhaps the ability to take on the manifestation of real evil as you fight Nazis, or maybe the different locations throughout the world that were fought through in the Second World War. In any case, it seems that Midway is now throwing their helmet in the ring with Hour of Victory, a WWII FPS aspiring to take the top of the hill.

Hour of Victory Xbox 360 screenshots

Hour of Victory allows you to play as three different soldiers, each with their own unique skills to bring to the battlefield. There is the assault soldier, who is good for all-around fighting, handling sub-machine guns and rifles well, a stealth based soldier, who travels with a silenced STEN gun and a combat knife in order to secretly get the drop on unsuspecting enemy soldiers, and a sniper, who excels at traversing off-limits terrain that the other two can’t in order to get a better shot with his sniper rifle. Throughout the game’s stages, there are key areas where you’ll be allowed to switch between these guys on the fly and play through the area however you see fit.

You’ll also be able to take control of vehicles like tanks as well as stationary guns in order to progress through the battlefield, similar to other WWII shooters.

Hour of Victory Xbox 360 screenshots

Hour of Victory so far is showing to be a pretty competent entry to the WWII FPS genre, but it is not really doing enough at this point to separate itself from the rest of the pack. While the three-soldier dynamic is interesting, it’s been done in the genre in prior games.

While it’s not really fair to past judgment on the game considering the brevity of the demo, it still seemed a little derivative based on what we were shown and told of the game. Hopefully when the game launches next summer, we’ll be singing a different tune.

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