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HOT PIXEL - PSP - Preview

E3 2006 First Look Preview


Think of it as WarioWare, but a very different type of gameplay system. 

Hot Pxl is the melding of street culture and digital lifestyles, according to the Atari representative and will be coming the PSP in November.

Featuring 200 microgames, the game makes use of only the directional pad, the analog stick and the X button. Nothing else matters. Each game is set to last about five seconds with the overall scheme divided into 10 chapters, each concluding with a boss.

HOT PXL PSP screenshots

Players can make an iTunes type playlist of the games, and “the first time you play a game you may not know what you are supposed to do.” But the games are fundamentally easy. One may have you pushing the button to activate the street crossing sign. In one corner of the screen you have a green walk icon across from the red stop stick figure. Rapidly pushing the button allows the green figure to beat up the red figure and you can cross the street.

Another game has you using a PhotoShop-style tool to eliminate blemishes from a character’s face.

HOT PXL PSP screenshots

There are two main modes of play, the story mode and the theatre mode.

The graphics are rudimentary at best and the game mechanics are simplistic. The demo version, available at the pre-E3 Atari event in San Francisco, did have long load times, but that is expected to be cut down by the time the game ships.


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