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Homefront E3 Demonstration


If there’s one thing to take away from watching our Homefront presentation, it is that a united Korea will seek global domination.

Avoiding what has been done to death – namely, modern shooters, space combat and the like – THQ and Kaos Studios are creating a shooter that attempts to stand out among its competition. While the fictional war does bring thoughts of any Tom Clancy game meeting EA’s Command & Conquer series, it’s where the battle takes place that separates it from the rest of the pack and that would be American soil.

Homefront has Korea taking over almost the entire globe as they trek into U.S. soil from the west and claim Hawaii, San Francisco and almost the entire west coast as their own. It’s now up to the civilians of the country to fight back due to the military support becoming overwhelmed. Rather than having calm and collected soldiers doing their business, Homefront has normal everyday citizens leading the charge and standing their ground.

While Homefront was merely a demonstration video with a developer guiding the press through the action rather than providing hands-on, it was clearly evident that Kaos Studios is upping their game when compared to their efforts in the lackluster Frontlines: Fuels of War. The graphics are tremendously better in almost all areas including lighting, effects and character models.

The demonstration also proved that the developers know how to paint war with a chaotic stroke as the action never let up. One moment, men were getting burned alive by mortars, the next a modified hummer/tank was crawling over debris lighting up the helicopters in the sky. The only issue that I had with Homefront was that the narrative and storytelling played out too much like Metro 2033 with stationary NPCs voicing their opinion but barely moving a muscle from their assigned position.

Homefront is THQ’s FPS epic that doesn’t find its way into retail until February 2011, so FPS fans will have to wait a long time until they get to defend their country.

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