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Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi: Genie & the Amp - NDS - Preview

Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi: The Genie and the Amp is the latest game from D3Publisher of America to be based on the J-Pop cartoon (the predecessor, Kaznapped!, came out last year on the Game Boy Advance). The Genie and the Amp takes the familiar pseudo-anime look from the TV show and applies it nicely to the game’s side-scrolling action gameplay. The game’s unique style will undoubtedly appeal to the fans of the show, and should be a fun game for kids when it releases this summer.

The Genie and the Amp puts you in control of Ami and Yumi, the rock star heroines from the TV show. During a bout of writer’s block while making music for their next album, the girls enlist the help of a genie, who sends them through a tune on a mission to collect magical notes. Only once the girls complete their mission will they be able to play the ultimate world tour.

Controlwise, the game gives the player two different options for control. Moving around with the D-Pad, you can either use the face buttons to attack your enemies or you can strum notes on the touch screen. Playing notes in certain orders allows you to complete combos.

You can also switch between Ami and Yumi on the fly by hitting the R button. They pretty much feel the same in terms of gameplay, and neither of them will really tax you in terms of strategy.

Graphically, The Genie and the Amp retains the look of the cartoon very nicely. The characters and environments are bright and colorful, and the game uses a very stylized cel-shaded look to it that works out quite well. The sound in the game is also quite nice. While their isn’t any voice acting to speak of (outside of the vocals on the theme song), the music fits in well with the game’s theme and shouldn’t disappoint.

The Genie and the Lamp is a bright and colorful game that will stick to the theme of the TV show quite nicely, and will certainly appeal to fans of the show with its stylized look and music.

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