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Help Wanted - WII - Preview

Given the economic situation, it’s no surprise that people are looking for jobs. However, you may be surprised to find out who’s hiring and who’s not. Corporate America: no way! Haunted houses in need of a crew: absolutely. Auto industry: not a chance. Talent organizations looking for bodybuilders: you bet.

This employment info may not reflect your local listings but is just what you’ll find in Help Wanted, a new mini-game collection for Wii. Featuring 50 different “jobs,” players will accept various positions – such as a clown, fisherman or tailor – for fame (among their friends), fortune (virtually speaking), and goofy animations.


The First Nine

Let’s take a look at the first batch of jobs featured in Help Wanted.

Grill Cook: With several skewers full of meat and vegetables, the grill cook’s job is to grab skewers individually and flip ‘em over to cook them evenly on both sides. Great caution must be taken to ensure they don’t burn – if grilled too heavily on one side that will surely happen.

Bodybuilder: Think you’re tough enough to strike a muscle-flexing pose while standing in front of a live audience? Then Bodybuilder might be the right job for you. Using the Wii remote and Nunchuk, players must shift their arms up and down (as indicated on screen) to produce a stance that impresses the unseen judges. The end goal wasn’t quite clear in the demo, but every successful pose (performed immediately after the pose image appeared) was awarded with a smiley face, while every failed pose received an unhappy face.

Dairy Farmer: You might be surprised that Wii didn’t have a game like this sooner. Sign up for this job to spend the day (a minute, actually) milking a cow. The work is pretty simple: hold the Z and B buttons and shake the proper controller downward as the cow turns its head and the controller icon lights up on screen. Milk too furiously and the cow will get angry and force you to take a break.

Stunt Person: This job is a no-brainer. Which career would the average person rather have: burger-flipper or crazy-guy-behind-the-wheel? The choice is obvious. But if I may get serious for a moment, this mini-game poses a greater challenge than you’ll expect. Requiring the use of precise driving skills (Stunt Person uses the Wii remote by itself; turn it sideways and use it like a steering wheel), don’t be surprised if you crash a few times before reaching the goal. Watch out for other cars and keep your vehicle straight when you hit the ramp!


Clown: Juggle balls … with a Wii remote and nunchuk? Yes gamers, there is apparently nothing a developer won’t attempt on Wii. But it’s actually amusing, especially as the items increase, and the fact that you’re waving your arms upward and not actually juggling something.

Tailor: It’s like Grandma meets NASCAR. Players are in control of a sewing machine, which must be used to stitch an article of clothing as quickly as possible. Amusingly, the area that must be stitched is sort of like a racetrack.

Haunted House Crew: Ever wanted to scare the Wii out of someone? Haunted House Crew gives you the chance. By donning four different costumes of equally ghoulish proportions (in a kid-friendly way, of course), you’ll be able to scare oblivious houseguests while working in the ultimate cubicle. Each of the four walls has a swivel door, and each door leads to a different room where people are currently exploring. If you pop in at just the right moment, those met by your horrifying “boo!” will surely be frightened.

Fisher: With a net and a boat that drives automatically, players must cruise over clusters of fish, throw the net down at them and hope they score a big catch.

Farmer: This could almost be a carnival game. Tasked with the job of picking up carrots, the player must hold the Wii remote horizontally. On the left side of the screen, a small circle spins around a larger circle; when it falls within the green area (which is only for a second or less), flick the remote upward – straight up, so that it is now vertical. This motion does not have to be precise but should be quick and smooth.


That wraps up the beginning of Help Wanted. Kids who enjoy short mini-games – and crave a large variety of them – will definitely be attracted to what this game has to offer. Stay with GameZone for more on this title (including the other 41 jobs) in the coming months.

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