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Hasbro Family Game Night - WII - Preview

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One of the biggest pushes for Nintendo’s Wii console is the desire to turn the system into a staple in the family living room, insofar as replacing the board game as the diversion of choice on “family game night”. However, EA is looking to create a happy medium between the two with their upcoming collection of Hasbro board games, Hasbro Family Game Night. Currently being developed for the Wii and PS2, the game offers a collection of Hasbro’s classic board games, ranging from Battleship and Boggle to Sorry and Yahtzee. Featuring both classic versions as well as “evolved” ones, Hasbro Family Game Night is shaping up to be a fun way to get the whole family playing together.

At E3 2008, EA had the game on display, showing off what it will have to offer. The evolved version of Connect Four was played, and showcased some pretty vast differences from the original table-top game. You’ll have access to power-chips, which will allow you to do things like block your opponent from putting a chip down in a certain row, bombs that will knock out all chips within a certain radius, and so on. You’ll be able to save chips for when you need them as well, swapping them out until they become necessary.

Battleship was also shown off, and featured a five-turn style of gameplay, where each player would put down five pegs per turn, making the game move along quite a bit faster than usual.

While you’ll be able to use the Wiimote in order to control your cursor across the screen, you’ll also get to use the D-Pad in order to move the cursor.

Hasbro Family Game Night will feature Mr. Potatohead as your host, an unlockable trophy wall, as well as changeable background themes, making for a fun experience that should appeal to casual family-game audiences. Look for it this November.





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