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Hands On: Battleborn combines the first-person shooter genre with MOBA's resulting in crazy-fun madness

New players might find interest in MOBA's

Similar to Epic Games latest title, Paragon, 2k Games newest First Person Shooter -- Battleborn, mixes the classic formula of MOBA's and brings it to consoles.

Battleborn is being developed by the guys who worked on the Borderlands franchise, so that means there are plenty of whacky guns, ecstatic characters, and funny one-liners. This feels like and looks very similar to the art style players have grown accustomed to with Borderlands, but instead of it being a looter-shooter, it is an MOBA for both consoles and fps enthusiasts.

There is a story that consists of the characters that are featured in the multiplayer mode to team up and take the world back from the imminent enemy. The characters are said to be "Battleborn" for this mission, so that’s how we get the title of the game. During PAX East 2016, we got some more time on the title in the multiplayer section of the game which recently had an open beta a couple weeks ago.

Similar to Paragon, Battleborn brings the unoriented MOBA players and places them in a friendly beginner MOBA-esque style game. The game has two teams pitted against each other like most MOBA or in fact any multiplayer game does and has them trying to destroy each other's bases. There are two parts of the base, the front, and the back. If the other team manages to take out the other teams bases, they win.
Following the MOBA- style gameplay, the map consists of 3 three lanes, each giving players a different route and strategy for their plan of attack. In addition, players will also have minions at their disposal which will help distract the other team from focusing on you.
However, besides the game featuring its MOBA mode, the overall experience has a unique feel to it. The guns feel tight and weighted, resulting in players having a strong and responsive feel while downing multiple enemies.
The gunplay isn't the only way of attacking, there are plenty of turrets and stations to set up to help aid your team in victory. Plus the various amount of characters to choose from also helps make each 30 minute or so match feel different.
It's nice to see the guys from Borderlands work on a game like Battleborn. It seems like they kept their same amount of charm, experienced gunplay controls, and a diverse group of characters to bring a new group of players to the MOBA world.
Battleborn is set to release next week on May 3 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.
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