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Halfbrick E3 2011 Preview


Fruit Ninja is now being released for the Xbox 360 Kinect. Titled Fruit Ninja Kinect, you can now use your hands to ninja slice the fruit as opposed to just your fingers. I have never felt more like a ninja in my life!

Upon first play, the movement was tracked quite well and was very responsive to my actions. The vibrant coloring and interesting pixel shading used to represent you make the game visually attractive. Being released as an Xbox Live Arcade game, Fruit Ninja Kinect has several gameplay options, including Single Player, Co-Op, and Versus.

For fans who don't own a Kinect or iPhone, do not fret. Halfbrick didn't forget about you, as they also unveiled Fruit Ninja Frenzy, a free-to-play Facebook game with a few additions and modifications. Currently in the beta stage, the gameplay is considerably easier on PC than its iPhone counterpart. Maybe it's because the game was originally designed to be played on the PC, or maybe it's because my sausage-like fingers can't slice very well on the iPhone. The concept remains the same as the original, but Halfbrick has added gameplay features to give you extra bonuses while playing. These bonuses, referred to as "smoothies", will give you added benefits like initial multipliers or bombs to destroy more fruit at once. At launch, 12 smoothies will be available.

There are two ways to unlock these smoothies. You can either grind for "juice," which can be used to purchase smoothies, or you can use the game's micro-transaction system and purchase "starfruit," which can also be used to purchase the smoothies. Like most Facebook games, Fruit Ninja also features a scoreboard for competition with friends.

Overall, Halfbrick seems to have successfully converted its iPhone hit to both console and PC. Now the fun of slicing fruit can be shared by millions. And trust me, it's fun!

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