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Half-Minute Hero - PSP - Preview

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Half-minute Hero is, according to XSEED product manager Jimmy Soga, “the fastest PlayStation Portable game you will play.”

The game is all about time, and just about everything – at least initially – happens within the span of 30 seconds. Get a mission from the king? You have 30 seconds to complete it. Have an evil wizard threaten the world with total destruction unless you can defeat him? You have 30 seconds to level up and defeat him.

This game plays out like someone driving at 80 miles per hour in a 35-mph zone. Everything is sped up.

Because the game does not want to bog players download times, it moves from static-style art-driven cut scenes to 8-bit game action … on speed.

The story centers on a world that, for centuries, has been plagued by evil lords bent on destroying everything. Throughout time, heroes and legends have risen to meet the challenge, only to disappear from the land over time. Well, there’s another evil lord and rising up to meet him is a would-be hero. But the hero’s story is not the only game mode available here; there is also a cross-bow wielding princess (her parents will only let her out for 30 seconds at a time), an evil overlord who’s game plays out like a strategy game, and a knight on an escort mission.

Half-Minute Hero PSP screenshots

There are more than 15 hours of total gameplay in this title, and players can hook up with up to three others through ad-hoc for multiplayer high-speed action.

There are about 120 varied stages and the musical score is provided by one of Japan’s most critically acclaimed guitarists.

The battles are handled automatically, and player characters will move quickly through the world, but should the player decide, he or she can get the protagonist to run – at the cost of hit points.

When the protagonist dies, and the would-be hero will die, a cut scene shows an interaction with the Goddess of Time, who will rewind time (without loss of level) and allow players to try again.

The pace of the game provides a sense of humor, and the whole tone of the game is rather light in nature. The demonstration was a hoot to play and any time a journalist looked down to jot down notes, at least one complete battle (and sometimes even seeing the protagonist level up) was lost.

Look for Half-minute Hero to release for the PSP in the fall.


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