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Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock - WII - Preview

E3 2007 Preview

When the folks at Neversoft were sitting around one day, competing against one another in a robust round of Guitar Hero, it came to them that instead of being merely players of the hit title, perhaps they could make the next iteration of the game.

Guitar Hero III is on the horizon and Neversoft is indeed the developer behind the Activision-published title. A briefing was presented in Los Angeles during the pre-E3 media event and it was stated, very frankly, that “we wanted to make it a real Guitar Hero experience,” and not screw it up.

Have they succeeded? Well, from the demo, the answer would be yes.

“One of the things that can make or break the game is the soundtrack,” it was stated and Neversoft has worked to create a sharp audio experience. Neversoft has gone for more master tracks this time around, instead of the sound-alike bands (which need to be commended for the great job done in previous iterations). You will actually hear the likes of Weezer, Priestess and the Rolling Stones on this soundtrack. The graphics have also been upgraded and there are new characters as well as new venues.

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Wii screenshots

The performances are motion captured and the game will support cooperative mode with a friend as well as online multiplayer. There are even special encore songs.

The multiplayer mode also features a battle scenario, wherein players can launch attacks at one another and counter. It can all be rather intense.

And as the topping on this wonderful musical cake, the game will be launching with a cordless guitar controller.

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