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Gregory Horror Show - PS2 - Preview

E3 2003 - Hands On


Gregory Horror Show is a horror game based on a popular card game in Japan. The game starts with the main character (you) checking into a hotel run by Gregory, a goofy yet creepy rat. You soon find out that you can’t check out of the hotel until you have collected all of the souls of your fellow cute, crazy animal guests. 


The interesting graphics of Gregory Horror Show may turn a lot of gamers off, but my advice is to look past the graphics and experience the gameplay. Gregory Horror Show focuses more on how you can collect everyone’s soul by using sly techniques and distractions. A big part of finding out how to get souls is to watch a character’s actions and patterns to exploit their weaknesses and catch them off guard. But once you get a guest’s soul, they come after you in hopes of trapping you in the hotel forever.


The controls are very simple. One button does most of the required tasks in the game, like talking to people or searching for items. A lot of the game is sniffing out clues, so you’ll have skills like peeping through keyholes to help you gather evidence on certain characters. The camera always seems to be in the right place, too.


Even though Gregory Horror Show is very comical and cartoony, it can get fairly creepy at times. This was definitely one of the more interesting games at the show, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. The release date for Gregory Horror Show is still TBD.

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