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Gravity Crash - PS3 - Preview

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During the earlier meetings with E3, as well as in the year past, Sony has promoted the idea of its “Play, Create, Share” idea of gaming. Essentially, broken down, players can not only play the Sony titles, but have the freedom to create their own content and then share it with other game community members.

Gravity Crash, a game from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and slated for release on the PlayStation Network in September, falls into that category.  The game, which bears a little resemblance to the arcade classic ship-shooter game Asteroids, will allow players to create their own levels with an intuitive level editor and then share them by uploading them to the community.

According the SCEA representative on hand to demo the game, Gravity Crash is a “combination of old school meets new school.”

This is a precision-based shooter with a ship in free fall through an area that could be space, but the ship is being influenced by gravity and thus, if unattended, will drop down. You can use thrusters to propel the ship back up into the areas that are less likely to result in its destruction, but there are enemies that will attack your ship as well as a host of collectibles floating about or planted on the surface of the solid formations within the level. Each of the 30-plus levels has a main mission as well as side missions. Once the main objective is realized, the ship will be directed towards a worm hole to leave that level and begin the next.

Gravity Crash screenshots

In addition to the single-player campaign, there is also a multiplayer component that can be played in split screen and has a collectible run and deathmatch for modes.

As for the level editor – not only is it somewhat intuitive and very easy to use, but as you create the level, you can play-test it and change what you don’t like about it. Players will then have the opportunity to upload their designs onto the PSN where other community members will rate them.

A little hands-on time revealed a game that was easy to pick up and play, and yet can be challenging because of the inertia-based physics that pull the ship downward.

Still, Gravity Crash is a fun little game that should have a decent range of appeal. It is indeed reminiscent of the old arcade games, but with the inclusion of the level editor, it should have a very good replay value while bringing freshness to the format.


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