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Gotcha Force - GC - Preview

E3 2003 - Hands On


Gamecube is like an art gallery full of multiplayer games. There’s an endless supply. They all have a bit of a light-hearted feel to them, and aren’t really about destruction or death. Well, Capcom is bringing out a game called Gotcha Force for the Nintendo Gamecube that has that light-hearted feel, paired with destruction.


It’s designed for 1-4 players and is basically a team on team combat game. Four players make two teams of two, then they each pick a group of characters to use. Once both teams have picked, the battle begins. Each player controls one characters at a time and tries to destroy the opponents’ characters. A team loses when they have lost with each character.


It’s a very fun and fast-paced game. If you can picture Power Stone, but with more cartoon-style graphics and characters like cyborg ninjas, giant mechs, and dragons, then you should have a good idea of what Gotcha Force is like. The controls differ from each character – the ninja is quick and responsive, but characters like the mech are slow and powerful. The controls are simple, allowing for simple, fun experience. There’s a button for a normal attack, a special attack, and buttons to target and cycle through targets.


Gotcha Force is a great game that may be overlooked for its childlike appearance, but I’m here to tell you that it is a very fun game. Right now the game is scheduled for a 2004 release, so keep an eye out for more news on it.


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