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Godzilla(R): Destroy All Monsters Melee - GC - Preview

E3 2002


There’s nothing like getting your friends together and beating the wits out of them.  Infogrames hopes that Godzilla: Destroy all Monsters Melee for Nintendo’s GameCube will be just the vehicle to do so.  Everyone’s favorite man-in-a-rubber-suit metropolitan terror stars in this latest incarnation of mass destruction melee combat games. 


Godzilla: Destroy all Monsters Melee features 13 characters, 11 of which are playable.  The classic characters are there: Godzilla, MechaGodzilla, and Mothra all tear through each other in glorious fashion.  San Francisco, London, Seattle, Osaka, Tokyo, and Los Angeles all get their come-uppance as settings for the lizard-inflicted damage.  Four players can play at once to level the city faster than a citizen can slurp up a bowl of ramen.  


The fighting engine allows for close-ranged hand-to-hand (or whatever appendages your character may have) combat, throws (each character has two dazzling unique throws), and structure-slinging projectile moves.  Some characters have breath weapons, some can burrow under the earth to surprise their enemies, and some can even teleport within the city.  It’s not just other monsters you need to be wary of, after all the city isn’t just going to stand around and be squashed.  Each city has a formidable army set to stop the fun with high-tech weapons designed especially to take the monsters out. 


Each character is made up of an astounding 8,000 polygons for maximum realism.  These monsters don’t look like rubber suits cavorting around a miniature city, these guys are for real.  Real-time lighting effects capture the glow of the luminescent power-ups of buildings and characters so realistically, you’ll swear you’re watching live video feed from CNN.  Add to that an abundance of building models and unique city landmarks, and this game has the looks down pat. 


Game modes include one-on-one Versus, four player Melee, city-leveling Destruction, and single player Adventure.  In addition, progressing through the game unlocks vintage Japanese monster movie posters, a cool feature for the die-hard movie monster fanatics.


Those who find Super Smash Brothers a little too juvenile and want to graduate to a more mature 3D smash ‘em up will find Godzilla: Destroy all Monster Melee a smashing success.  Looksfor Godzilla to hit the GameCube in time for the holidays. 

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