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God Hand - PS2 - Preview

E3 2006 First Look Preview

Among the games that had already been announced by Capcom, there was one title that was sort of tucked away. The game was God Hand, and it’s a new beat ‘em up for the Playstation 2.

God Hand follows Jean, a drifter who happens to show up in the wrong place at the wrong time. To save a damsel in distress, Jean ends up challenging a group of demons that are a little too tough to handle. In the fight Jean loses an arm before falling unconscious, but he later awakens to find a new arm in its place. It happens to be the God Hand, an arm with the power of Satan sealed within.

God Hand PS2 screenshots

With this new arm the demons now seek out Jean, but he also has the power to protect himself. God Hand looks to play a lot like a Capcom fighting game; Jean utilizes brutal combos to take down his enemies. You can juggle them in the air with continuous attacks, or pound away on the ground with extensive combos. There are also finishing moves Jean can perform to obliterate his opponents.

The level I saw looked to be in some sort of saloon, and Jean was fighting off enemies almost twice his size. The saloon was pretty sparsely populated by objects, but the textures and character models were detailed.

God Hand PS2 screenshots

God Hand seemed pretty similar to Capcom’s recent beat ‘em up, Final Fight, but with a different premise and deeper combos. God Hand is scheduled for release on the Playstation 2 during the fourth quarter this year.

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