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Go Play City Sports - WII - Preview

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Majesco has established a new lineup of activity-based games that go collectively under the brand of Go Play. At the Electronic Entertainment Exposition in Los Angeles, the company unveiled the newest member to the lineup – Go Play City Sports.

City Sports offers six games that could well fall under the title of street games. These games include rooftop hockey, stickball, jump rope, kickball, soccer shootout and handball.  The game’s graphics seem lighthearted and fun, but belie the competitive nature of the games here.

Take rooftop hockey, for example … the game allows for checking that flattens opponents and is briskly paced. In handball, the wall contains power-ups that if you can hit them, they would affect the gameplay for better or worse.

Go Play City Sports Wii screenshots

The games looked very easy to jump into and play, but each load time contained screens that outlined the general control schemes. These are also games that can be played by up to four players, which really promotes the family-fun element. Players can also create their own representative Miis for the game.

Graphically the games were easy on the eyes and each had that youthful feel that has been associated with other games like Atari’s Backyard series – in other words, the graphical mood of the game is kept light and appealing, even when the action heats up.

Make no mistake about it, these are competitive games that will challenge and delight. City Sports is slated to launch in the fall of this year.


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