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Gladiator: Sword of Vengeance - XB - Preview

E3 2003 – First Look


After seeing Maximus hack and slash his way to vengeance and box-office records, who didn’t want to don some chainmail and thrust steel into the flesh of opponents for the satisfaction of the people?  Acclaim’s Gladiator: Sword of Vengeance grants us all this wish with this latest action-adventure title for the PS2 and Xbox.


The game takes place in 106 A.D. in the sprawling Roman Empire.  Once a glorious collection of nation-states, the declining empire is now befuddled with many problems at the hands of Emperor Arruntius, a negligent despot drunk on his own power.  He succeeded the well-liked Emperor Trajan, who met an untimely death.  In the land of fantasy, death is not the end, and Trajan is back from the netherworld to avenge his death and fix the damage Arruntius has caused.  How’s he going to do that?  With tons and tons of killing of course. 


Gladiator is a third-person adventure game featuring devastating swordplay, blazing magic, and Herculean powers granting a swift and gory death.  Trajan has several combination moves at his disposal, and these moves and other abilities will increase as he progresses through the game.  Trajan also has the ability to perform unnecessary violent finishing moves on dazed opponents that will surely be a highlight of the game.


All the blood that is spilled just wouldn’t be that great without incredible looking ground to spill it on.  Many of the landscapes in the game almost look like photographs, the clarity and rendering of the water, mountains, and interiors are jaw-dropping.  Couple that with the fluid motion, realistic lighting, and detail on mythical creatures and gladiators, and Acclaim has produced one beautiful game.


Gladiator is scheduled for a Fall release.













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