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Gitaroo Man Lives! - PSP - Preview

E3 2006 First Look Preview

One demo shown by KOEI that I got to see this year is a follow-up to an apparently extremely popular title that came out a while back called Gitaroo Man. I know it’s a big hit, I just haven’t had the opportunity to play the first one … but the sequel to the game looks great and I will definitely have to give the original a shot when I get back.  Anyways … on to Gitaroo Man Lives.  

In the demo, it showed the hero decked out in a space style suit getting ready to go up against a UFO shaped robotic enemy using music as his weapon. Gitaroo man battled back by wielding his mighty guitar and the player hitting buttons on the PSP when they pop up on the screen off of a sliding scale. The music got faster, they came faster, and the music was actually quite catchy.  

One new feature that was added in popped up shortly after, and this time around players will not only have to hit buttons in time to the music, but will also have to hold out notes and use the stick to guide a cursor around a series of wavy bars to hold out riffs and such. The graphics looked good on the PSP system, and were colorful, sharp, and had a distinct anime touch to them. For those of you who are fans of the series or fans of those button pressing music based games, this could be a good title for you to get when released.

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