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Amped 2 - XB - Preview

E3 2003 First Look Theres nothing like grabbing a few friends, cruising up to a local ski resort and boarding down the mountain exploring every nook


Drakengard - PS2 - Preview

E3 2003 - Hands On The story details for Drakengard are pretty scant at the moment, but from what we know, you play as Kyme, a man who in an attempt


Final Fantasy XI - PC - Preview

E3 2003 - Hands On The Final Fantasy series comes online with Final Fantasy XI, the first massively multiplayer online-RPG for both Final Fantasy and


Planetside - PC - Preview 2

E3 2003 - First Look What do you get when you cross MMOFPS games like Battlefield 1942 with a futuristic, huge, persistent world? You get Planetside


Tron 2.0 - PC - Preview 2

E3 2003- First Look Tron 2.0 takes place years after the original, where a company named Future Control Industries is looking to take over the world


XIII - GC - Preview

E3 2003 - First Look Based on a comic series with a cult following, XIII (pronounced thirteen) puts you in the shoes of an amnesiac whose only clue t