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Kill All Bugs - MB - Preview

With the release of Ninjatown and other DS games, real-time strategy games continue to reach new audiences. Soon, the thrill of tower defense will ar


EdiMon - MB - Preview

Before Pokemon, the world was temporarily obsessed with raising fictitious pets known as Tamagotchi. The creatures didnt do much, and neither did the


Snowboarding TNT - MB - Preview

On June 15, TiltnTwist will launch Snowboarding TnT, an iPhone snowboarding game with a twist. That in addition to the steering controls, which have


Fairytale Fights - PC - Preview

E3 2009 Preview Utilizing the Unreal Engine 3.0, Playlogic Entertainment is set to show everyone in the gaming industry that the engine isnt used jus


Bigtop 10 - MB - Preview

Who here likes math? Anyone? Yeah, I hear the crickets too. The thought of adding numbers when you could be playing a video game is about as exciting


Puzzilings - MB - Preview

These days, every game developer is pondering the need for character development. Do gamers really want that? Some evidence suggests that they do, th