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Sudeki - XB - Preview

Although its development has been somewhat plagued by delays, the action RPG Sudeki poised to take the Xbox by storm finally this June. I recently sa


Front Mission 4 - PS2 - Preview

Turn-based strategy games rarely get to hog the spotlight. Game developers don't make many of 'em, and the ones that are made are usually cheap, bori


Transformers - PS2 - Preview

Question: When does a shooter game not really feel like a shooter game? Answer: When you manage to combine the elements flawlessly into a previously


Perimeter - PC - Preview

Anyone who has played RTS titles on PC knows the general concept build a house or two, create workers, make armies, overpower the enemy, win the map.


Knight Online - PC - Preview

Knight Online is a new game that is trying to find its niche in the pantheon of MMORPGs. It is different from most online games because it is designe


Ribbit King - PS2 - Preview

At first blush, the world of Ribbit King seems to be a little on the cute side, but looks can be a touch deceiving. The world is in trouble of runnin