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Diablo-esque RPGs are making a major comeback. With the success of Torchlight and the return of Diablo itself, it seems people are ready to click cli


Cladun: This is an RPG preview

Had enough punishment yet? NIS has kept the PSP stocked with RPGs and built a reputation as the go-to company for hardcore roleplaying, and I don’t


Mafia II Hands-on Preview

The original Mafia was a victim of technological difference. Although widely praised for its story, impressions of gameplay varied wildly depending o


Epic Mickey E3 preview

When it was revealed last year, Epic Mickey was an intriguing title. Meant to revitalize the character with an all-new adventure (and headed by Warre


Two Worlds II Preview

Developed by TopWare and Reality Pump, Two Worlds II runs on the GRACE engine that was built from the ground up for the title. This is no extension f


Goldeneye 007 E3 preview

“No amount of presentations is going to answer anything you might want want to know about this game.” Those were the first words spoken during th