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Gangland - PC - Preview

Due to the overwhelming demand for gang-related titles following the “big boom” of the GTA series and other mafia games, Whiptail Interactive’s upcoming arcade-style action release, Gangland, is sure to be an experience to satisfy all your mobster cravings.  Combining the RTT, RPG, and SIM genres into a whole new breed, Gangland creates an immersive storyline with a variety of open-ended possibilities and full interactivity.

Starting out as one of four Sicilian brothers, you immediately are ready for work.  You first pick up a job for a mafia boss.  Though the tasks are fairly simple to accomplish at first, you’ll quickly move up the ranks to perform much riskier assignments and gain widespread attention in the process.  Hiring henchmen to be the muscle behind your negotiations with business owners is just one of many unique experiences to the game.  The selection of weapons and gadgets is also impressive, just in case wheelin’ and dealin’ doesn’t cut it   And when the time comes, taking out your old don and claiming your spot on the top of the food chain begins a brand new level of gameplay.

Gangland is fully interactive, so you’ll find paying off crooked cops and starting up businesses of your own to be a day-to-day occurrence for your street-empire.  And what’s a king of crime without his queen?  You’ll be able to marry and have children of your own, who will in time help you in the expansion of your power.  Though there is no apparent need to worry, try to watch your back just in case your offspring decide to off you.

Fans of Republic: The Revolution will enjoy the 3D engine and interface that Gangland brings to the PC.  The developed environment is quite detailed and each map has over 800 citizens going about their daily lives.  LAN/Internet capabilities will also add an element to the gameplay that “onliners” should enjoy.

Gangland is set to be released mid-February, and from what it currently looks like, it’ll be the must-have strategy title for any organized crime enthusiast.

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