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GameZone Exclusive: Vindictus invites you to reach out and gut someone with new Twin Chain Blades weapon

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Vindictus, the free-to-play action MMORPG from Nexon, is introducing a nice, new weapon into the game. We've already seen character revamps and 14 dungeons, as well as new raid bosses introduced into the Season 2 Episode 2 patches. Now, Vella is getting a new set of weapons. 

Vella's new weapon is the Twin Chain Blades. 

The Twin Chain Blades combine the razor-sharp edge of a sword, the range of a projectile, and the fluidity of a whip so you can transform the battlefield into a churning tempest of pain. And they look awesome, to boot. With the Twin Chain Blades, players will be able to use the blades to pull monsters closer or zip to them and unleash a flurry of devastating strikes. The Twin Chain Blades are perfet for mid-range crowd control and incapacitating your enemies.

The Twin Chain Blades will be available from level eight and on.

Vella is a swordswoman that uses twin swords to slice and dice her enemies. She relies on speed and well-timed attacks, making her a versatile character able to leap across the battlefield and deal damage or flash some defense. With the Twin Chain Blades, Vella will be getting some nice visual flair, as well as new skills.

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