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GamePak for Nintendo GameCube - GC - Preview

Want to take your GameCube everywhere you go?  Then LASR’s GamePak is the carrying case to get.


GameCube has many things that other consoles don't.  GameCube is the only place you'll find the latest Mario, Metroid and Zelda games.  It's the only console that's available in three colors -- black, purple and platinum (silver).  It's also smaller than the other game consoles.  And it's the only console with a handle on the back, letting you carry it wherever you go.


Although it looks a little silly, the handle is actually quite effective.  It's great for carrying your 'Cube from room to room.  The problem is, carrying a game system outside the house in your bare hands can be quite dangerous.  For one thing, you could drop it, handle or not.  Second, if you're carrying the GameCube in one hand, and you're holding a controller in another, where are you going to put the games?  What about the AC Adapter, and the A/V cables?  I doubt you'll be able to cram GameCube's enormous AC Adapter into your pocket.


That's where LASR Accessories comes in.  LASR Accessories specializes in creating high-quality carrying cases for game consoles.  I chose to review their GameCube carrying case, but LASR also makes one for Xbox and PlayStation 2.


On the outside, the carrying case looks like a standard backpack.  The sturdy, nylon canvas exterior is perfect for storing your GameCube in.  The straps and the back of the case are cushioned, making this the most comfortable backpack I have ever worn.  Don't feel like "wearing" your video games?  LASR's got ya covered.  They included a nice, smooth, easy-to-grip handle for that purpose.


This case has a ton of storage space.  The front of the case alone has two zipped pouches.  Upon opening the second pouch, you'll find another one inside!  Two controller-sized pouches are located on the left and right sides of the backpack, but there's plenty of space to hold four controllers if necessary.


On the inside, you'll see even MORE pouches, eight game slots and a spot to securely hold two memory cards.  Unfortunately, the game slots are disc-only; that is, you can't store the game's boxes, just the games.  I personally wouldn't want to do that, but if you use CD wallets, this isn't a whole lot different.  However, the case is big enough to hold several game boxes elsewhere, so you could do that instead.


There's also a designated spot to hold the GameCube itself.  It's not quite as secure as I would have liked, but it's secure enough to keep your 'Cube from moving around inside the case.  Four holes have been cut out for fan, wire and controller space, allowing you to hook up the console and play it without removing it from the case.  However, Nintendo used to say that their game consoles should only be played on a hard surface with lots of room for it to breathe.  It's not that hard to remove the console from the case though, so I doubt that most gamers would bother using it from inside anyway.



  • --The case is big, but not too big.


  • --It has more pouches than you'll ever be able to fill.


  • --The cushioned body makes it extremely comfortable to wear, and the smooth handle makes it comfortable to carry.


  • --Nylon canvas exterior will keep the case alive for a long time while keeping your GameCube safe in the process.



The GameCube unit is not held in the case as securely as it should be.


Verdict: 9

This case is a great buy.  If you're a traveling gamer, or if you take your GameCube to other people's houses, then this is the case to get.  I've used one other GameCube carrying case before, and it was not nearly as good as the one created by LASR.


To learn more about the GameCube GamePak, visit LASR Accessories' official Web site:

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