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Galleon: Islands of Mystery - GC - Preview

Interplay’s Galleon borrows from Tomb Raider for sterling seamless adventure


Toby Gard brought the world Lara Croft. Now he is bringing us Captain Rhama, a daring explorer who will have to rely on his wits, swords, and a bit of magic in an upcoming release by Interplay.


Galleon is set in the 18th century, and is a third-person action-adventure jaunt which will show up on the GameCube and Xbox.


The storyline has Rhama searching for an ancient artifact capable of unlimited power and unimaginable destruction. Along the way, he will not only take on two women as cohorts (capable of wielding a little magic), but will have to battle seemingly invincible warriors, and work his way into the world of legends.


Features of the game include:


  • Story driven Action/Adventure taken to the next level.
  • Richly crafted, immersive story unfolds through hours of action, exploration, challenges and discovery.
  • Traverse a beautiful, completely original world spanning six massive island locations with expansive indoor and outdoor environments to explore.
  • Gorgeous, stylized art, fluid animations and intuitive controls provide a rewarding experience for all skill levels.
  • Perform super-cool moves: back-flip off a ledge and land effortlessly, climb almost any surface and fight like a Shao-lin martial arts master.


The animation is fluid and the overall gameplay is reminiscent of a Tomb Raider adventure, but this game has several twists, turns and puzzles that must be solved.


The graphics were very good, and the sound (amid the cacophony that is E3) seemed quite solid. This should be a game that will draw in players quickly and hook them.


The game is set for a December release. 

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