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Galidor: Defenders of the Outer Dimension - GBA - Preview

Toys Talk to Games, Websites, and each other!

EA's Lego: Galidor Defender of the Outer Dimension brings toys to life, almost literally. Galidor, to be released on the Playstation 2 and Game Boy Advance, at first looks like a simple platformer suited for a younger audience. However, when combined with the Lego Galidor action figure, turns a lonely gaming experience into a party for two. The action figure has an internal microphone which receives audio signals from the console game, Galidor website, or Galidor TV show, processes them, and spews out remarks such as "Look Out!" in timely situations. The Galidor action figure Kek Powerizer can actually talk to other Kek Powerizer action figures as well. Think of it as Transformers meet Furby.

The game itself is played from the perspective of Nick Bluetooth, the hero of the TV series, and features the most popular element of the show and the action figures, "glinching." Glinching is the ability to assimilate other body parts to your advantage. For example, Nick can take on frog's legs to jump over obstacles or bionic arms to pulverize stone walls into rubble.

Lego: Galidor Defender of the Outer Universe will be released on Game Boy Advanced this fall, and on Playstation 2 in the Spring of 2003.

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