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G.I. JOE: The Rise of Cobra - 360 - Preview

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One of the most anticipated films of the summer, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra is set to be a live-action version of the popular cartoon characters and Hasbro toy line of the 80’s. For a few months now, developer Double Helix has been hard at work developing a licensed game based on the film for all consoles. At EA’s recent EA3 event in LA, a playable build of the game was on-display, showcasing some old-school inspired gameplay and co-op elements.

The game will not be a beat-for-beat retread of the film, and will instead feature original characters and story elements. In fact, characters that don’t appear in the film will be recreated for the game with the artistic direction of the film in mind. Each character fits into three different molds: heavy, commando and balanced. Heavy characters aren’t quite as fast or nimble as commandos but do well with ranged combat, while commandos get up close and personal. Balanced characters, as you can imagine, are somewhere in the middle.

As you’ll always have a buddy available, either human or AI-controlled, you’ll want to choose characters that complement each other while playing through the game. You’ll have access to 16 characters total, and you’ll be able to unlock Cobra characters to play with as well.

The action unfolds from a pseudo-top-down perspective, with the game controlling the camera while you move your soldiers around the map and fight off hordes of enemies. The game features a cover system that allows you to avoid enemy fire from behind objects in the environment. Each of your characters has their own specific traits and abilities that lend themselves to combat, as well as special moves unique to them.

The game will support drop-in co-op, letting a second player take the reins of a character and play through the game’s campaign. Unfortunately, the co-op element is only designed for “on-the-couch” play, meaning that it will only support local multiplayer, not online.

GI Joe is looking to be a fun casual shooter that will allow gamers from all walks to sit down and experience their favorite characters from the GI Joe universe and the upcoming film. Look for it to release alongside the movie this August.


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