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G.I. Combat: Episode I, Normandy - PC - Preview

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Strategy First enters the fray of World War II


Take the three-dimensional war-torn journey from Omaha Beach to St. Lo with either Allied or German forces in the historical battles that turned the tide of World War II.


G.I. Combat Episode I: Battle of Normandy is a real-time strategy game from the designers of Close Combat titles. Set for release in the near future, the game was recently demonstrated at E3 2002 in Los Angeles.


The program uses an accurate physics model, allowing for incredible realism in both infantry and vehicle warfare. Each soldier contains 1,000 polygons and the game is based on real-world information – meaning that weapons, bore, trajectory are all accurate. In addition, great detail has been taken to ensure that the terrain features of the game are accurate to the time period and locales of the game.


Some of the features of the program include an operational mission system based on victories and losses, over 40 armored vehicles and artillery, 60 different squad types, multiplayer support via a LAN or over the Internet, a comprehensive combat system, unforeseen events during Dynamic Campaigns (which enhance replayability), and linked campaigns in which units gain experience. An incredible morale and psychological model has also been incorporated into the program.


G.I. Combat is an evolving, well-rendered program. Whether zoomed into the action, or viewing it from high above, the game looked very good. The controls were along the lines of what one would expect from an RTS. The game also contained a solid audio track, which not only captured the sounds of battle, but also ambient noises.


G.I. Combat is historically accurate and a solid-looking RTS that should sit well with fans of the genre. 

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