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G-Force - 360 - Preview

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Who better to save the day than a grouping of elite secret agents in the form of walking and talking gerbils? The G-Force are here to save the day, and they’ll be doing it in 3D on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (among other platforms that weren’t demonstrated).

Being the first 3D movie by Jerry Bruckheimer, G-Force will allow gamers to toggle 3D off and on within the game. The title will come bundled with two 3D glasses that will be able to work on any television set rather than Disney and Pixar’s 3D glasses that only work with certain TV sets.

Bruckheimer allowed the development team creative freedom with the video game adaptation. Jumping into the film’s story 70 percent into the game, the video game revolves around the action-packed sequences where the G-Force must infiltrate offices to save the entire world from an evil billionaire who is out to take control of the world by manipulating appliances into evil creatures.

With the creative freedom, the development team went ahead and is introducing 26 exclusive enemy types (30 in total) that won’t be seen in the movie. On top of that, they are providing unique weapons such as a whip and a jet pack to players to assist the G-Force in their mission.

Due to a tight release schedule –a typical enforcement for a majority of video game adaptations of films – G-Force won’t be featuring any cooperative or multiplayer modes. The development team is said to be striving to create the best single-player experience with the time they have on their hands for the development of G-Force.

Bill Nighy (Leonard Saber), Sam Rockwell (Darwin the Guinea Pig), and Jon Favreau (Hurley the Guinea Pig) have all been brought on to represent their characters from the film.

G-Force will launch nationwide on all platforms July 21, three days before its film counterpart lands in theatres.

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