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Furu Furu Park - WII - Preview

E3 2007 Preview

Furu Furu Pack is a game that’s designed to either scare or intrigue gamers. It’ll scare those who don’t understand why three big, masculine guys are being thrown like a weighted ball at the Olympics. The guys are shot into the air and, if they land far enough away, will score tons of points for the player. 

Furu Furu Pack might terrify those who are afraid of bugs but gives you the chance to flick them away. As bugs land on the screen, you can use the Wii remote – which serves as your hand in this mode – and tap the A button to send bugs packing. The bug will get flicked, fall off its seat, and be banished into another land. Then the next bug arrives. Sometimes the bug is more of a human in a bug suit. He’s a weird, recurring character that appears in several of Furu Furu Pack’s mini-games.


Swan Runner, another offering, has players tilting their remotes to dodge obstacles within a tunnel. Majesco says that the tilt mechanics will be very sensitive, so unless you want to spin very fast (as necessary to collect several objects), your best bet is to move the remote as gently as possible. 

Love Challenge, yet another game mode, is a mini dating sim where the goal is to win the affection of a girl. How this works, we don’t really know – your guess is as good as ours. But you can bet it’ll be something that attempts to create a new level of weirdness. 

These and several other gameplay styles will come together for a total of 30 mini-games. If you like Mario Party and adore WarioWare’s insane antics and above-quirky scenarios, Furu Furu Pack will turn you into an addict when it’s released later this year.

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