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Freestyle Metal X - GC - Preview

E3 2003 - First Look


Freestyle motocross games are always fun, and who doesn’t enjoy tricking and pulling off stunts on a speedy motorbike? Freestyle Metal X from Midway will introduce a new title to the world of motocross fans, and with a couple of elements that will make it unique.


For starters, Metal X will allow for more of a free roaming style of play. Rather than being confined to a track and just going where you are supposed to, the levels will be expansive and fully interactive. You will be able to pull off and link an endless amount of tricks together, and you can even make up some of your own unique ones on the fly. Another unique feature that will be found in Metal X is the ability to unlock new levels, then travel to the ones you have opened seamlessly with no load times. This will open up the game as more of one huge level rather than having to go back and select new areas for more fluid and consistent gameplay.


Over 16 actual riders will be selectable and ready to play in the final version, and the levels will also contain such events as Big Air and Freestyle, and some side games to pay for cash like bus jumping and “wall of fire”.


Be looking for Freestyle Metal X in June of this year.


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