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Too few games really attempt to tap into the depth of human emotion other than to trigger an adrenalin rush that leads to excitement. XSEED’s Fragile may well take a step in another direction, hoping to take gamers on a journey through feelings of abandonment and loneliness, while simultaneously presenting a story that will require some investigative skills.

Fragile is the story of Seto, a young boy that wakes up one day to discover there is, apparently, no one else in the world. His story is one of looking for another all while trying to discover what happened.

It is in the ruins of a city that Seto finds a young girl named Ren, but the girl runs away before Seto can talk to her. Seto must now search for Ren, all while battling the ghosts and demons that haunt the land. And still, there is the mystery to solve of what happened.

FRAGILE: Farewell Ruins of the Moon Wii screenshots

The game was developed by tri-Crescendo, the developers behind Eternal Sonata. The presentation is cinematic in scope with a soundtrack intended to spur emotions.

The demo shown during the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles was much too short for a game of this kind of epic content. Still, as players progress through the world, they will have to find and click on clues. The control scheme has been optimized for the Wii remote and seems to be fairly straightforward. While serving as a sensor to detect ghostly presence, the Wii-mote also serves as a flashlight to help bring some light to a world that can be eerie and dark at times. As players adventure in the world, they will discover clues and missives from people who disappeared, all of which are aimed at heightening the anguish and fear of the lost, while driving the loneliness of Seto.

The biggest elements that propels the story are the graphics and how they are infused with the soundtrack and narrative.

Boasting light role-playing elements, Fragile is about exploration and puzzle solving, while pulling players in with a storyline that is driven by emotions.

Look for Fragile to ship to retailers late this year.


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