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Fossil League DTC - NDS - Preview

Taiga’s father left him with a valuable possession – the Big Mother fossil. When it is stolen, Taiga does what any young boy with access to a time machine would do – goes into the past, collects dinosaurs to use to battle with and heads off to find his treasure.

Fossil League: Dino Tournament Championship was on display from D3Publisher during a recent San Francisco event, and is a Nintendo DS title geared for the younger gaming set.

Game features include:

  • Battle Across Historic Jurassic and Cretaceous Eras and Collect Dinosaurs – Players will play as Taiga and adventure across historic and realistic dinosaur eras as they collect and battle more than 100 different 3D dinosaurs, each with their own realistic effects! 

  • Educational “Dinopedia” – Players will learn true dinosaur facts and receive helpful game tips by utilizing the only dinosaur encyclopedia available on the Nintendo DS.

  • Dual Screen Action – Utilize the touch screen for the Nintendo DS to experience fascinating archeological digs.

  • Battle Using Multiple Attacks – Each of your attacks grow stronger each time you use them.

  • Bonus Mini-Games – Play fun mini-games such as mazes and fossil digs to find cool items.

  • Wireless Multiplayer Mode – Collect as many dinosaurs as possible and compete in the Dinosaur Grand Prix at the end of the adventure.

The game is basically a walking adventure in which the lead character runs across monsters, which spawns a pop-up battle zone. In that zone, dinosaurs use attacks – based on the type of dinosaur – to fight another dinosaur. Taiga can carry up to five dinosaurs with him, and if one is running low on health (you can keep them healthy, and happy, by feeding them, which can be a drop from a winning battle), you can switch to another dinosaur. Each of the dinosaurs have attributes, so strategy is involved in this.

This is very much a turn-based game for kids, and should appeal to those who like dinosaurs, or as an entry point for young gamers who are looking for a solid RTS.

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