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Flip's Twisted World - WII - Preview

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Majesco is gearing up to turn the world of platforming gaming on its side with the January 2010 release of Flip’s Twisted World, a title geared to the younger gamers, but still a title that Majesco hopes will encourage families to play together.

The story to this game is rather easy to understand:

Flip is the apprentice of Master Fulcrum and one day the young student messes with the wrong magic artifact and gets sucked into a crazy cubed universe. To escape his cube prison, Flip must turn the entire world to reveal new paths through five distinctive puzzle worlds. But there is a little more at stake than merely finding a way home – Flip must fight monsters and stop the destruction of the universe as well as restoring his Master’s home to normal before that master returns.

Frozen North Productions is the development team behind the project and during a look at the game at E3, the company founder admitted that the team tried to capture a Warner Brothers-esque cartoon look, with vibrant color schemes and imaginative level designs.

Flip's Twisted World Wii screenshots

During the gameplay, players will be able to use the Wii-mote to flip the world on its side, allowing Flip to walk across areas that would have been walls moments before.

The game has a lot of traditional puzzle game elements and is set up similar to Zelda, according to the dev team’s founder, with five core dungeons. As players move through the game, they will unlock new powers that will be needed in the successive levels. Attempting to rotate the world in a manner that would cause Flip to take a long fall and suffer lethal damage will generate a warning. There is also a hub world that connects the five dungeon areas, and players can move back and forth through those dungeons.

The look of the game is very solid and the gameplay mechanics seemed easy to understand.

This is a game that is geared toward a younger demographic, that is to be certain. But with the various combat elements and collectibles in the game, it could well be that older games might give Flip’s Twisted World a turn or two as well.   


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