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First look at DC Universe Online's Amazon Fury Part 2

Team up with Wonder Woman

Amazon Fury

Today we got a sneak peek at the 13th DLC for SOE's super hero themed MMO, DC Universe Online. This included the new raid content, as well as a look at some of the new tech being employed for the first time in the game.

Amazon Fury part 2 will pick up where part 1 left off. Hyppolita launched an attack on Gotham and Wonder Woman is bent on finding out who is truly behind this, as she suspects her mother is simply a puppet to these dark schemes. Of course as you go through the various raid content, you find out who the true evil mastermind is.

The first part that we were shown was on Paradise Island, or also known as Themyscira, which is the origin land of Wonder Women and her Amazons. We got to see the dev team go up against Hyppolita, which included a unique combat mechanic where certain statues needed to be captured, otherwise Hyppolita would channel their elements and use them against the team.

Another raid also took place in the depths of Hades and a large, ever changing labyrinth. Through the course of the demo, we were introduced to the new Big Creature Tech, which is exactly what the name implies. Big Creature Tech is a new technology built specifically for larger creatures, with slightly different AI. For example, the Hydra, which is a large three headed dragon-like monster, will turn slightly slower and not attack anyone on either of its sides, making it easier for melee characters to do damage while the Tank is pulling aggro from the front.

Amazon Fury

The second creature utilizing this new tech is the Cerberus, the three headed dog that watches over Hades' domain. The unique mechanic here is that your team has to outrun Cerberus as you advance through the labyrinth, as he's able to one-shot any character. At some point you'll actually face him but we didn't actually get to see the fight.

One of the last parts we got to witness was an arena style raid. Hyppolita is suspended in air while you and your team has to fight Ares and Hades themselves.

The Amazon Fury Part 2 DLC will also introduce a new Elite Raid mechanic. Once a player beats a Raid on normal difficulty, they will be able to then undertake the Elite difficulty for the next two weeks. When those two weeks are up, players will once again have to beat the normal Raid in order to unlock the Elite one. This is done so the normal Raid doesn't become a ghost town and keeps getting a regular rotation of players.

Amazon Fury

The Elite Raid is not meant to be taken lightly. It will test each and every player to their limit. Enemies will either have new mechanics, or have some taken away that make them vulnerable at various times. Also, the revive count will be decreased to have a cap. That means whenever you fight a boss, you will only have a limited amount of revives, until you're permanently dead. That will make communication absolutely necessary among players.

Thw DLC will also come with four unlockable styles, two for heroes and two for villains. The hero styles will be modeled after Wonder Woman, while the villain styles will be modeled after Circe.

Those that enjoyed Amazon Fury Part 1 will have a lot to look forward to in Part 2, not only storywise but also content wise. There will be a lot more zones to explore and more Raids to take part in than in Part 1. However, since it's just the second part of the Amazon Fury Trilogy, that means players will have to wait until Part 3 for all the loose ends to get tied up.

Amazon Fury Part 2 will be free for current DCUO subscribers, or can be purchased separately for $9.99 for free customers. The DLC will be available on February 12th.

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