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FIFA 08 - WII - Preview

FIFA 08 marks the first time that the series will appear on the Nintendo Wii, and as a result the Wii version will be a noticeable departure from other versions of the game. The game will offer a similar presentation and content to the current-gen console versions, but will also take advantage of the Wii’s control capabilities. The game will present an intuitive take on the franchise, immersing gamers in soccer like never before.

FIFA 08 Wii screenshots

Of course, the real difference in the Wii version from the rest of the pack is the controls. The nunchuck dongle, while the wii-mote controls your feet and the ball. Throw-ins are done by actually motioning the action, essentially “throwing” in the ball. Defense also comes into play using the nifty control scheme as well, having you make a downward gesture in order to perform a slide tackle. Also, if the Wii controls are a little overwhelming, the game will offer a Soccer Academy that teaches you how to play.

Another unique control change is that you can now take control of your goalie for manual saves.

FIFA 08 Wii screenshots

Whereas the game will offer a few different camera modes, the action will unfold from an overhead view. This may be a bit different for most FIFA fans, but it is more intuitive for the Wii’s controls allowing you to perform tricks and control your player a lot more easily.

Contentwise, the game will feature the same commentary as the current-gen versions of the game. It will feature the same amount of leagues and teams, as well.

The preview build showcased by the team at EA Canada was about 60 percent done, so not too many details about the game’s features could really be divulged. However, if what they did show was any indication of where the game will be when it ships, then FIFA 08 should be a must-have title for soccer fans with a Wii.

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