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Fate/unlimited codes - PSP - Preview

A download only title from Capcom, Fate/Unlimited Codes is a 3D fighter for the PSP. Taking elements from the Japanese Fate/stay night franchise, which is typically more adult fare, Fate/Unlimited Codes is a pretty traditional fighter, albeit one that benefits from a bizarre cast of fighters, a crazy visual aesthetic, and tons of cool looking special moves. The Fate franchise is pretty big in Japan, and now it looks like we’ll be getting to see what all of the fuss is about when the game launches later this month.

Fate/Unlimited Codes has a pretty robust cast of characters, giving you 17 characters to play as. Each of the characters adds their own unique sense of style to the game and are fairly diverse, ranging from huge hulking characters, to Japanese schoolgirls and your standard variety of strong/silent Japanese bad-asses. The characters are fighting over the Holy Grail, which has them divided into groups of Masters and Servants as they try to attain superiority over each other in the Holy Grail Wars.

While the game is graphically a 3D title, the gameplay unfolds mostly on a 2D plane. Your characters are able to sidestep in order to dodge attacks, but most of the action feels quite 2-Dimentional as you jump and perform special moves in order to defeat your opponents. You’ll have light, medium and heavy attacks to perform, as well as the ability to perform Reflect Guards, which make the game feel quite a bit like other titles in the genre, like SoulCalibur or Dead or Alive.

The game has a pretty diverse range of special moves for each character, ranging from all out attacks to special moves that require the use of a shared Holy Grail meter. The special moves are pretty intense and visually interesting, and do a great amount of damage against your opponents.

Graphically, the game is quite solid for a PSP fighter. While not the best looking or most detailed game on the platform, the engaging character models don’t disappoint, and the action moves a lot at a solid clip with only a few bouts of slowdown.

Fate/Unlimited Codes is shaping up to be a solid looking and solid playing fighter for the PSP, with responsive controls that feel quite comfortable on the system, as well as an interesting stable of interesting characters and special moves. Look for it on PSN later this month.

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